The Never-Ending Story

Last Romance

Would you ask a second chance
   another word or another dance
Would you ask for another round
   when another love he has found

Would second chances be alright
   if every now and then you fight
Would you linger for some more
   if for your love he closed his door

Would you still write poems of love
   would you still pray to God above
If you know there is no second chance
   and that he was your last romance


I still love the way your lips wrap around my name,
that and the way your tongue pushes I love yous from your mouth.
You say: be careful. 
               are you okay?
               have something to eat.
               sweet dreams.
Those are I love yous to me. That is because,
those same lips have touched
my scars caused from being reckless,
my emotional wounds,
my reluctance to live
and my paralytic sleeps.

I love the way your lips wrapped around my name,
but now, a clenched jaw denies that it escapes. 


cast about,
and scattered,
brittle pieces
of heart shattered..


shattered, left and
brushed, aside..
left to wonder..
left to hide..


hide the pride,
the spirit, broken..
nothing whispered,
nothing spoken..


nothing spoken
is the reason
our love

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There was a time in my life when I know myself, when I can relate more to others, and when I had more confidence that I can do it. I guess as you grow, you will come to know more of the harsh reality and the sugar coated world of youth soon disappears. 

This time, I think of myself as, well, living life according to how it should be lived - work for my kids, and stop right there. I have fun once in a while, but when I come home, I feel guilty that I even did. Is that normal? I feel guilty all the time. I never was like this. I was like, life is what you make it - no regrets, no hard feelings. But now, I feel like everything I touch breaks, and it makes me feel horrible, not to mention, useless. 

It also makes me scared. It scares me that I might not love again, I might not truly smile once again. It scares me that this void, this emptiness inside me might not be filled again.

A Message to My Heart

Heart be still

and breath for a moment

You have been climbing hills

as well as a few mountains.

So for now

My heart you have to rest

Please do not go

pushing yourself to take the test.

Rest assured someday

You will still feel

You will be loved

and will love someone real.

100 - Word Story Challenge


This is a weird feeling. I’ve been very sad lately, but I don’t know why. I drown myself with work, because I thought it would make me feel a little fulfilled. But, in one way or another, even though I see myself hard and being praised at it, I still feel like there’s an empty feeling in my heart.

At home, I get to spend time with the most amazing people. Talk with them, have fun with them, and just hang out with them.

But, I still feel alone. I still feel like there’s something lacking. This feeling, I wish this will go away. 


heart on your palm,
bruised knees
and tear stained,
standing in a house
scattered with
shards of glass —
set on fire.

i would never have guessed…

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Love Ends

I’ve been trying to keep all the emotions that I have for today to myself. I even count the hours away for another day. However, I know that before the day ends, someone will tell me something about Yuya. And yes, at 5pm today, a friend of mine sent me a message saying that she saw Yuya and his mistress. 

Honestly, I was not surprise, but half of me actually wanted to believe that both of us still had a chance. And today, on his birthday, he would apologize and make-up for the things that he had done to me and Yuichi. But that did not happen, and instead this. This made me realize that it really is time to give up on him. 

Maybe you know him and me on Tumblr as the sweet couple who was separated at first because he was in Japan and I was in the Philippines. We filled our blogs with almost everything - from what we do in the morning, and what we did at night. I even made a lot of poems about him and our situation. I guess you could say long distance relationship is not really a good foundation for a lasting relationship.

I’ve thought about not giving up on him because of our son, but now, it has finally come to a point wherein believing in him seems impossible and there is not a slightest chance that he will repent, change, or realize his mistake. I agree our relationship was not smooth sailing, but whose is? I’ve had mistakes, he had mistakes, but it did not occur to me to cheat on him. I guess, I value our relationship more than he did. And that saddens me.

Now, my wish for myself is that I could love myself more and prep myself for that someone who will receive my love with no hesitations and who will accept me for what and who I am now.

100 - Word Story Challenge


She tried to calm her nerves but her head is really starting to hurt. She kept looking at the keyboard but all she sees is a blurry piece of black thing and she even could not clearly see the letters. 

She was starting to lose her concentration, but she did try to hang on. She stopped for a moment, closed her eyes. Inhaled and exhaled. Somehow, it made her feel better and the throbbing in her head was gone. She then realized something that was totally obvious even from the start. She needs to start wearing her glasses again.

Moving On

Show me the sun

that rises in the east

As I let go of you

to keep my heart at peace

I shall walk small steps

and not go astray

I vow not to cry

and keep my tears at bay

As the sun rise

I never will falter

I will move on and keep

My heart stronger